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The honor of the 2015 outstanding design contest

Sources:/ | PublishDate:2018.07.20

The annual "best design competition of the wisdom of the year" launched again. The contest has set up a special project design award, the annual design gold award and ten special category awards, including the mixed space design gold award, the facade design award, the work model award, the CAD drawing prize, the effect drawing award, the facade material control award and the public construction plane function design award, with a total of 7 outstanding works from 28 selected projects. It stands out from the crowd. The purpose of the excellent design competition is to encourage architects to respect human life needs, respect nature, encourage design innovation and standardization of the project, form product line design standards, promote internal learning and communication, improve work efficiency and design level. In recognition of the excellent interior design, we also summarize the experience of the problems in the design, reflect on the improvement, and hope to dedicate more outstanding works and innovative design to the future.