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Function Description:
■ computer editing function, programming on the computer through software, directly reading and running after copying into the machine, which is convenient and fast.
■ self set timing playback: according to the demand, the user can edit the timing program and automatically play it according to the weekly cycle. 99 programs can be edited and set every day, which can be timed to seconds, and there are six channel broadcast zoning control.
■ intelligent power control: when the timing playback program is executed, the machine will automatically turn on the power supply of the power amplifier 1 minute in advance, and the power supply will be automatically stopped when the program is completed. It can automatically control the power supply of external equipment (radio card holder, electric bell, etc.) at fixed time.
■ manual play function: it can realize emergency and temporary broadcast speech, play music, turn on external control power supply and other auxiliary broadcast functions.
■ remote control function: nearly 200m remote wireless remote control, which is convenient for the control of exercise, flag raising and broadcasting on the playground.
■ radio function: it can support up to 99 radio stations to play regularly.
■ recorder function: it can record language through microphone input, and can edit up to 10 segments for playback.
■ four sets of editing programs: four sets of different programs can be compiled and stored at the same time and called arbitrarily.
■ clock display function: the real-time clock module is adopted to count the time and seconds to understand the current time and the setting of the next certain time.
■ digital key direct input: it is very convenient to modify the programming track and adjust the time.

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